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UPVC gutter installation

black upvc gutter and fascias with white soffit

Our quality guttering are made form tough U.V. impact resistant plastic and have passed stringent quality control so all the joints have even pressure, this ensures the seals remain waterproof for years to come. And of course in the unlikely event of damage you can get spares and repair. 


All our gutter are carefully installed and ‘levelled in’ one bracket at a time to ensure the correct fall. 


It’s vital that you periodically check your guttering to ensure that it remains sealed, free of debris and blockages so that it can effectively drain water away from your roof. If old gutters have become cracked, rusty or broken, it may be time to think about repair or replacement.

  • Strong gutters prevent water damage to rafters and brickwork

  • They help to keep your foundations and basements water-free

  • New uPVC gutters can vastly improve the look of your home

  • There's no need to paint uPVC gutters - ever. so they're maintenance free

  • High quality branded guttering
    Because it lasts

  • Carefully levelled in
    A accurate gentle fall gives a self cleaning action

all black upvc gutter, fascia and soffit

UPVC Fascia and soffit installation 

all white upvc gutter, fascia and soffit
  • uPVC fascias and soffits = no maintenance

  • Plastic fascias and soffits don’t need painting

  • They’re sealed and totally weatherproof

  • They’re simple to clean

  • There’s no weather-related cracking

  • There’s no chance of peeling

It can be easy to overlook your roofline, but fascias and soffits are an essential part of your property. At Leicester gutters and fascias, fascias and soffits are one of our specialities, and our expert installers have the expertise required to ensure that the roof on your Leicestershire home always remains in top condition.

If a fascia or soffit covering becomes damaged in any way it can lead to further problems with the external condition of a building, which may result in the necessity of expensive roofline repair work. It is imperative that soffits and fascias are kept in good condition. Our soffits and fascias provide an eye-catching finish to your property and can be fitted by one of our expert members of staff quickly and easily.

anthracite grey fascia and soffit

Lindab Gutter

lindab gutter and downpipe
lindab gutter and anthracite grey soffit

The Lindab Majestic steel guttering range uses an elite coating of magnesium and steel alloy to make it even more durable and resistant to corrosion, even in coastal areas where salt water can cause erosion and wear and tear.

Lindab steel guttering is up to 20 times more resistant to corrosion than other steel guttering, and the coating can also migrate to repair any cuts or scratches that may form.

The Lindab polyester painted gutters give you a choice of 12 different colours for your guttering. Made to order, the polyester painted steel guttering gives you the appearance of your choice whilst ensuring it is durable and sturdy – it won’t shrink, split or leak because of the high grade steel it is manufactured from. 

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